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How to Transfer Youtube to iPad from Computer

Q: Help! How to transfer Youtube to iPad from computer? Who can help me! By the way, I'm a new bird, and know little about computer or softwares. Therefore, you have to teach me step by step.

Wow, your problem is typical. But don't worry! In this article, we will introduce you a very easy way to transfer Youtube to iPad from your computer, whether or not you are a green hand.

In order to transfer Youtube videos to iPad from computer, first of all, you need to download a Youtube to iPad transfer program, the following we supply you the Youtube to iPad converter software (please refer to iPad Converter to learn more about this software), just click your mouse!

free download youtube to ipad transferer software

Note: If you are a Mac user, please refer to Mac iPad Video Converter to transfer Youtube to iPad on your Mac computer.

Steps of Transferring Youtube to iPad from Computer

Step 1: After downloading the Youtube to iPad converter software, install it. If you are sure the program has been installed without any problem, make it to run.

run the youtube to ipad transferer program

Step 2: From the interface appeared first, you can find that there are three options: DVD conversin, Video conversion, Close the program. Click Video conversion button to enter the Youtube to iPad transfer interface for transferring Youtube to iPad freely.

Tip: DVD conversion option assists you to convert DVD to iPad freely; Video conversion assists you to convert any videos to iPad; and Close the program option means you will exit the program.

Step 3: Move your mouse to the "Open file" button (it will be highlighted when your mouse over this button) and press the left mouse button to add file(s).

select and set output format to transfer youtube to ipad

Step 4: Select a proper output format for your iPad from the "Profile" drop-down list, such as iPad H.264 Movie (.mp4) . Then click "Convert" button, good, you start the conversion of transferring Youtube to iPad from computer. The Conversion status window will show you what the program is doing, including current file, encoded frame number, time remaining, conversion progress.

Then, above is all the steps of how to transfer Youtube to iPad from computer. After all the conversion is finished, then you can connnect your iPad to transfer the converted videos to iPad and enjoy them freely.

Tip: If you have requirements of iPod conversion, or other video conversion, like Convert MKV to iPad, Convert FLV to iPad, this software also can fit for you. What are you waiting for? Quickly free download this software to transfer Youtube to iPad.